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Making dreams come true and Life Through Entertainment and Media
We started a full time project DREAM MAKERSS school of entertainment and event management in 2000, with the support of Loyola and Madras school of social work Alumni associations and corporate, we are very active in bridging the gap between people/corporate and N.G.Os.we concentrate on entertainment, event management service, as an income generation and contact development from the corporate and industries in India to support the NGOs. We run special courses to give opportunity to students and young aspirants looking to work in this field, we have given lot of opportunity for students and young aspirants from different top colleges and schools to work in our project which lead them to start their own event management and entertainment company.
We had a tremendous support from them.                      
Have organized and supported over 1500 events and 5000 entertainment shows all over India and abroad since 1994.
Supported by professionally qualified designers, the organization has conceptualized and effectively executed events spanning a wide variety of customer needs.
We are consultants, planners, designers and organizers for NGOs,Event management companies, production houses to engineer their entertainment shows, design their fund-raising projects, planners,etc. 17 years of success in the field of Creative Entertainment clubbed with a cause.Making dreams come true.. One of the pioneers in the field of events and entertainment,DREAM MAKERSS started in 1994 with over 57 regular corporate clients,and many people choose us for experience,reliability,reality.Providing entertainment service,very cost effectively with trust and experience. we teach upcoming talents and youngsters to set up their own business.
We would like to thank you for the support you have given us since 1994. We are here because of all the support given from 
www.dreammakerss.com   www.dreammakerss.com www.dreammakerss.in    www.dreammakerss.in  
Celebrity and Artiste Management We work with celebrities,Artistes,sports personalities,Indian and International.we have done celebrity management for companies,corporate shows,general events, this link is a show case of our work done for us and other clients. https://picasaweb.google.com/dreammakerss/CELEBRITYSHOWS?authuser=0&feat=directlink
Training,OBT,Team Building activities
Training,O.B.T,Team building activities,concepts,motivation classes is one of our major strength,myself and Jayachandran my Patron,friend,guide have done many for corporate,event mangers,marketing guys..its a major source of support
https://picasaweb.google.com/dreammakerss/OBTANDTEAMBUILDINGACTIVITIES?authuser=0&feat=directlink Corporate annual  day and Outings
Corporate Stage and Set work
 MEDIA WORK  we formed a group with media related people,to bring out young talents in,Directing,Editing,Acting,Music,Art direction,Dance,Singing,Script writing,Screen play writing,Dubbing,Make up,Costume designing,etc.. We teach and give training,class room and practical for all subjects mentioned and subjects yet to be added with professional/celebrity teachers..We organize competitions to encourage the young talents..We have a team of film critics where they review films and short films/movies and give their exact and strong comments here general public is also encouraged to post their valuable comments in this group which reaches the person directly were there concern people will get the feed back directly..this will be followed by a yearly award ceremony which will be decided by the people the fans the mass.....we are planning for many activities.