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Achievements - Concepts created and executed

  • Created award called THE NOBLE SOUL AWARD
  • Given to corporate for corporate social responsibility
  • Given to general public for Social responsibility
  • Concept developed and executed involving corporate in CSR
  • Motivating and educating
  • On the importance of corporate responsibility among corporate
  • Regular events organized involving corporate in promoting CSR
  • Concept Introduced in corporate, colleges and schools.
  • Concept Introduced among cine and television personality.
  • Concept Involving people in social responsibility
  • Created Award VOICE AWARD-awarded to Voice artists-a first time concept in India

Organized Social Cause Events and Entertainment shows involving Corporate Social Responsibility,Employee’s Relation and Participation Events,Public social Responsibility ,Students Social Responsibility
       ·         Spark 1997

·         Fashion fever 1998

·         Winter fever 1999

·         Stone bench 2000

·         Reflections 2002

· 2003

·         Stars-2004

·         Dream makers-2005

·         Super dancer -2006

·         The black -2007

·         Chennai super dancers season’09 season 1

·         Voice -the magical voice of Chennai’09

·         Chennai super dancers’10 season 2

·         Stars of chennai’10 season 1

·         Chennai Super dancers season’11Season 3

·         Stars of Chennai’11 season 2

Community Development Camps and Programs Organized

Eye Donation camp
Blood donation camp
Eye donation camp
General health camp
Clean your city drive
No smoking drive/events
H.I.V awareness camps/events
Food distribution
Wheel chairs
Hearing aid
Tri cycle
Sewing machine
Education for all
Education materials
Funds for education
Workshops and training programs organized

·         Studies through dramatics.

·         Networking /organizing skills.

·         How to develop your network? to strengthen your alumni network to betterment of the college.

·         Organizing skills for corporate/television/fm stations/schools/colleges ngo’s - special training for organizers.

·         Tips & Tricks for dealing with Event Management company

·         Training for SHG on AIDS awareness, at RUHSA, K.V.Kuppam, Vellore.

·         Training for slum SHG in Chennai- Income Generation Programme.

·         Communication skills for students.

·         Studies through dramatics.

·         Organizing skills.

  • Street Play on female infanticide,
  •  AIDS,
  • Alcoholism,
  • Women development,
  • Child labor
  • and Dowry by coordinating with Self Help Groups for RUHSA,K.V.Kuppam, Vellore.
  •      Drama on social issues for Loyola College and Ethiraj College, Chennai.
  •      Drama on religious stories for religious institutions in Chennai.
  •      Organizing street play and mime once in a week for various organizations. 

 Personal Achievements
  •  Done Many T.V shows/stage shows
  •  Concept director for T.V shows
  •  Major role in developing and training many event management and entertainment   production houses and N.G.O S
  •  Fund raising consultant, planner, designer, organizer for many N.G.O's  
We give Practical training in
Concept Developing, Organizing. For comm unity development
Concept selling through rural media (Motivation through street play).
Organizing IGP.
Marketing IGP.
Street play
Organizing camps (Eye, Organs-Donation, Medical, AIDS awareness, Health and Hygiene etc) 
Hosting T.V shows, stage shows.
Organizing shows, events.
Preparing, consulting, planning, designing, giving traning for people interested in organizing – events.  

Research Projects involved 

A study on “the impact of micro-credit on the socio-economic status of women beneficiaries on self-help groups”, Madras University, Chennai, Tamilnadu. (GUIDE- Mrs.D.Jaya Lakhsmi, Prof and Head of the Dept, Dept of Sociology, Madras University, Chennai. DURATION- 1-½ yrs) 

A study on “ changing role of women and its implication on education” for Loyola College. Chennai, Tamilnadu. (GUIDE-Mr.M.John Sundar, Prof Dept of Socilogy, Chennai.DURATION- 1 Yr)

A study on “implications of relocating urban poor to the out skirts of the city” for Madras University, Chennai, Tamilnadu. (GUIDE-Dr.D.Vradharajan, Principal, The Madras School Of Social Work, Chennai.DURATION- 1 Yr)